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Título: A children's story
Enviado por: Dothy em 13 de Novembro de 2011, 10:00
Dear friends and brothers, I share with you my first children's story YaBB .. I hope you enjoy


- Clara, with her mother Gina, returned from another visit to the doctor and his response was the same as always: No donor cornea.
The girl was born with a deficient side of the eye, without any explanation to justify the cause. .
- She lived with her mother Gina and her grandmother Liana. His father left home when she was three, was now with ten. The third would be attending school, going to classes with much difficulty, because one could see wrong with your vision, wearing sunglasses art of good time, making it difficult to read.
- The girl dreamed of to receive a cornea transplant, but ... This day never arrived, which left him very sad, because he dreamed of becoming a lawyer when he grew up.
- She was from colleagues of a certain prejudice, when told of future plans, he knew that not everyone believed this would happen to be blind in his right eye. But she did not care.
- Clara, in her prayers before bed, always asked God, why she had been born blind and the answer ... Do not grieve his heart came dreamy.
- Liana His grandmother always told him ... Clara, God always knows what he does, he does not punish anyone. The girl ... Upon hearing this, was thinking: But if he does not punish anyone, I was born so, why? And went to sleep with many tears.
- A night ... After his constant questions to God, she dreamed she was in a small town, was the daughter of a cocoa farmer and had many slaves who were under his orders. It ... He had no sympathy with any of them, and wanted to be sent immediately obeyed, without having to wait long.
- Among his slaves, he was a young man who served his mere caprice of youth. It was the little Anna, who was eleven years old and had always followed, in their nightly trysts with the son of a farmer who was the enemy of his father.
- Anne accompanied him to a certain path, getting him to wait. One day the slave girl told Clara that he thought pretty much her boyfriend. Clara, on hearing this, got a lot of hatred of Anne, knew that if she told his father he would ban this novel.
Clara, did not think twice, Ana led to the wings of the slaves, taking a hot iron, touching the eyes of the girl, who screamed in pain. Clara, realizing his gesture insane, repent at once, asking for help to all.
- Together with his father, takes the girl to the hospital, ondeela spend time recovering from the pains, going blind for the rest of your life.
Clara, with much suffering caused by remorse, cares for Ana, as his daughter. The two ... Spent time living together in an atmosphere of friendship, affection and love. Clara tried to atone for his error with Hannah, and she, without saving, hate or hurt, he forgives their act of wickedness, thanking Clara every day for his mother's love, something that had never been Hannah.
- Waking up this incredible dream, Clara is crying, impressed with everything he remembered. Account of their grandmother and mother who are also impressed with his dream.
The three-... On the same day and seeking a spiritual center near his home. Clear, evangelization is to go to spirit children, Gina and Liana, are in the public lecture.
- And since that day he dreamed of Ana Clara, left to ask God, because of his blindness, believing that his grandmother always said: Clara ... God always knows what he does, he does not punish anyone.

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ONE, TWO, THREE ... Are once again.

- Agnes account: one, two, three, once again and all your friends go to hide this fun game that makes everyone at ease with life.
- And then she finds out where they are causing in all those hidden deep admiration
- Agnes ... This eight year old girl, always quickly finds all, it only takes one bit and his friends no longer know what to do and try the best place to hide.
- What they do not know but ... It's that she sees with his eyes open and closed and see everything that goes on around him.
- Esempre so, since she was five. Agnes always talked to her invisible friends causing concern to his mother Irene and his father Paul, who sought medical specialist to help her in this situation that was new to them. The girl, always smiling said to them: Why the concern? I talk to my friends, my grandfather and his brother John
- And so Agnes lived between two worlds. Without clear and objective answers from doctors, her parents were getting used to this human side of his inexplicable.
- One day, his grandmother who lived inside Rita came to spend a holiday with her. This interaction with them was very useful, why Rita was a spiritualist and explained to Agnes and her parents that life was going across the road and that Agnes had the power or gift, as many knew to see and hear all those who had made his astral travel.
- Irene calmer with this clarification of Rita, sought the evangelization childish mind to take his daughter. Arriving on the scene she discovers that in ten children were present, they are four or Agnes.
- And Agnes continued to play and counting ... One, two, three, to find out pretty quickly to all your friends again

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It's a girl nine years completinhos
He lives in a beautiful house with his parents and an aunt godmother
She likes to talk ... Have the facility to express themselves
In school is a good student ... Gets along well with all of the class

Has many friends at school ... She loves playing ball and wheel
Semprefeliz lives and satisfied ... For her life is a great wonder of nature
She is very creative ... You are always inventing new fashions and fads

Tries to help his aunt ... That after losing his son was sad and depressed
There's nothing more to cheer, it is always in your room ... desolate
The girl tries to help you ... Whenever he says: If this keeps up ... Slowly you become ill
Try to accept the will of God ... That took his son to live in another world

Repeats every day for her: Do not think that death ends everything ... Life goes on another journey
His son continues to live, just can not see .... It is right next to you
And you will not want to see it, without joy, a sorrow without end ... try smiling

Talked to her every day she felt very sorry for your aunt .. Who lived with her for days
Gradually she began to improve ... With the girl was happy to talk
Improved depression ... Let the joy and hope into your heart
Now ... She believed that her son continued to live ... Do not let him see you suffer

He was very happy to help her aunt ... It was with her much of his day
He believed in life after death ... Did you know that our loved ones not disappeared
They continued to live somewhere ... Continuing to see us and love us
God knows what he does ... He always wants to see us happy, harmony and peace

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- David was a boy too hasty, rushing lived in your home, at school, wherever it fosse.Não point in his mother Sofia to tell you ... My son, walk slowly, this way you will get hurt.
- But nothing ... And this boy of seven years, smart, hyperactive answered ... I have no time to lose ... I'm in a hurry to arrive. These response preocupada.Pressa Olga left? She thought, why? And had no answers.
- The boy was loved by everyone in the school, was in second grade and was always the first to finish doing their jobs, had a capacity to learn to let the teacher admired by his young age.
- He was so ... He had an endless rush, said to his mother and grandmother that his time here was only a little. The two, without understand fought with him to stop saying these stupid things. David, without worrying about this, he continued: You two are afraid of what?
Alda-Sofia and only if the explanations it looked afraid. Why he was in a hurry, and that your time here on earth was just a little? David ... They asked them, why do you always say your time here is short, the boy says: Oh ... God is king I say.
- Ready ... Now is that the two were really afraid. And if something happened to him? Redoubled care and attention to the boy. David, not caring much to all of this ran on, without fear of falling or hitting ... He was always repeating ... I'm in no hurry to arrive.
- Come, where? Was the question that everybody did it, when they saw pass rushing everywhere and he answered smiling ... In heaven.
-Even if all quarrel with him, so stop saying that stuff, he would still have many years ahead, it would be a great professional, a family and so many other things, he continued ... Ah, but I'm all that but ... There in the sky that is an endless paradise, there will not die, we continue to live with all our relatives who were already living there.
- And it really happened, David became ill with a sudden, not resisting a cold that turned into pneumonia and brought several complications. His mother and grandmother suffered much, and all those who knew this boy was in a hurry to reach .. In heaven.
- And when they remembered his words ... I'm in no hurry to arrive, David wondered running from one side to another in heaven, a place that he believed there is life after death the body

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Nahim and Solimar are cousins, all two to ten years old, they live in distant cities, Nahim always come on holiday to spend some days in the house of Solimar, to the joy of it, which is an only child and loves her cousin.
Nahim's parents work in gardens, cane and parents are doctors of Solimar, the two materials when they are together, play all, Solimar is always giving his clothes no longer want to Nahim, while accepting this, lingering in Despite his heart and envy, while requiring much, thinks to herself that Solimar does this just to show off, or show their superiority, but tries to disguise these bad feelings you have, always showing a smile to her cousin, always saying that when will grow many beautiful dresses equal hers, always buy the best for themselves, putting on the best sneakers and shoes, have a luxurious life like that of Solimar it to hear this, always responds to press: That's not the clothes that says who the person is, but their attitudes, Nahim immediately retaliates, you say that because it is rich, does not need to wear clothes like me, has everything everyone wants, if poor, think alike, I'm sure. The girl listened quietly, because I knew this way of material, she would like to help more. It was at his request, which Nahim always spent the holidays and Christmas holidays at home, felt the love of his cousin sister. But he knew that the girl was jealous of everything she had, so I always tried to pass on their best clothes, which despite having the same age, was much smaller than Nahim Solimar.
The two in the afternoon when they went out to walk with her parents, who liked the niece, as his daughter as well, without making any difference to her even being treated this way, Nahim was always dissatisfied with everything that was offered by them, always complaining that ice cream or popcorn or the cake Solimar was always the better and tastes better than yours. The girl's parents, realizing this, tried to talk to Solimar, which most did not consider her as a good company to his daughter, it was evident that envy was the same, she would always say to parents: We need to understand this attitude it is sick with jealousy and envy, to move away, it will be worse, after all, are only days she spends with me, then she jumps back to his house, and I love it.
Parents, though accepting this request, they were afraid for her daughter. With the end of the holidays, Nahim had to return to their reality, lived with four brothers, she being the only girl.
After a week, received the news that Solimar was very ill, he wanted his company to her, the girl, hastily arranged by his mother, then travel to the city, arriving there, he found his cousin lying, very pale, with his parents to his side, weeping inconsolably, because I knew there was plenty to do. Solimar asked the press to sit beside him, telling him that he had asked to separate their parents all she had to give, and it was not only that, they asked him also to help in their education, would study in the same school she studied, her cousin wanted to have everything she ever had during his ten years of age, every opportunity, such as piano, ballet, painting, everything. Nahim surprised by the story of the little girl asked her why? Solimar replied: That you are a worthy person of good character as I ever was. So it was done the will of the girl, to the chagrin of his parents. Nahim But, apart from the press after he realized the great loss that they've had, because the girl was very good, always helping you and forgive you your whims and jealousies, recalled the words of his cousin who always repeated: Nahim, not clothes Who says who is the person, but their attitudes, and it was not, however she wore all the clothes the girl would never be like her, Solimar was an angel, he greatly missed the press, as much more than the donations that she gave him, she always taught her to have the best sentimetos, we always helped and descupava with ... A lesson in love, or something she deserved.
Nahim returned to her home, looking sad for the present, he thought: Even if all the luxury wore those clothes, you would never compare with the kind Solimar.

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Hello friend, welcome to the children's story
I hope you enjoy .. hugs


Aniza sat admiring the beautiful scenery around you, right next to her mother's laundry Anete in a nearby stream - The girl with his new full year, once again hear his mother weep and recalamr life: My God, every day is the same thing, I come here to wash the clothes of my bosses .. They are happy is that they are rich, we who are poor have come to suffer in this life is thankless
- Aniza .. ooking around, thinking: How is your mother could claim so much and every day? They were poor but had a simple little house, which was always quite clean and that she was home, his mother and father who worked Horace chopping wood.
- His family lived in the back of the house of their employers. They were well treated by them. Aniza could enter the house without any problems.
The night ... At dinner, his father always prayed: Thank God for most this food. And the next day, everything continued as before, his mother complaining about being poor, his father was tired of cutting firewood and she always with your questions.
- Did you know that God does not punish anyone and that was not why he wanted one born poor, as they and other rich and the bosses of their parents. God must have an explanation for all this.
- Returning home with his parents, went to bathe and prepare for dinner. Aniza asked his father let her do the prayer. Horace looks suspiciously at her daughter ... But agreed.
- Aniza, joining his hands in a prayer, saying ... God, thank You for another day of life, all good and beautiful things we had. I know I only have to thank, but I ask you ... Help with my parents to stop their daily complaints, they can see that there are many people without a place to live, without food and without arms and legs to work, they can see the positive side of life ... Ever, amen.
- They ... Surprised by the sincere prayer of her daughter, recognizing that many aches and pains everywhere, they should consider themselves happy to have a roof that sheltered them from cold and night, food every day, the physical and mental health and to have a decent job.
- The other day ... Aniza woke up and found her mother already calmer singing an old song, and his father humorous packing up their tools. It ... Very happy, mentally thank God for the answer to your request