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Título: Your Renewal
Enviado por: Marccello em 15 de Janeiro de 2011, 00:19
You can resume an edifying task at any time. It is never too late to begin again; on the other hand it is harmful to let a noble action go unfinished.

To stop an activity whose execution is beyond your strength is understandable, but just to leave it unfinished carelessly shows moral weakness.

Life is full of challenges. We are constantly moving from one action to another on different ascending levels of moral and intellectual values. This is the reason we must always start over again.

Things are happening all the time:

Now a disappointment seems to shatter your aspirations; a misfortune may seem a total disaster; a beloved one dies, and leaves a void in your heart; an insidious disease breaks down your physical resistance; a vice may almost drive you to insanity; a financial loss apparently ruins all your economic security; an expected betrayal almost drives you to suicide.

All such trying circumstances should stir up to start over again and never to give up, because without such unpleasant phenomena there would be neither progress nor liberation from our present stage of spiritual development.

So, when you find yourself caught in a net of unforeseen circumstances or facing an unexpected problem, stop, calm down, and meditate. Do not let yourself be dragged by tumult. Seek refuge in prayer, and draw strength out of it.

Everything goes. Your problems will also go away.

And if you have gone through all such things, start your renewal cautiously at first, until you are again integrated in constructive actions.

Your renewal is the first step towards the coming happiness.

Divaldo Franco - Joanna de Angelis

Plenty of peace. :)