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Título: Would I, by any chance be a Spirit?
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Would I, by any chance be a Spirit?
In a previous article (1) we affirmed that in science we use the expression "the results suggest" because the supply of scientific proof stumbles a variable number of hypotheses that could also explain an investigated fact. What do we do? We look at variables in order to arrive at the most likely hypothesis, ie the one that best explains the phenomenon.
A “female patient”, in hypnosis, was taken to have memory regression. Lydia – “ in trance” – started to talk, but the researches were not able to understand what she was saying. Swedish liguists were called in to translate the declarations of this new personality who affirmed to be “Jensen Jacoby”.
”He”, Jensen, spoke in middle age Swedish, a language totally strange to the young hypnotised woman named Lydia.
Jensen informed: “ I am a farmer”, “ I live in a house which was in Hansen”.
Within Jenses’s personality, “she”, that is Lydia,  identified a model of a swedish ship from 7th century, a receptable made up of a kind of wood used back at that time to measure quatity of grains, a bow and arrow and poppy seeds. However, he did not know how to use modern instruments such as pliers.
What do “the results suggest”? All hypothesis were put aside, and the only one left is exactly what the reader rightly imagined( intuition) and which also resisited in similar cases.
This experience lead to the book entitled “Between Truths and Smiles” (2) in which we find precious observations. Within the book, Professor Newton G. de Barros emphasizes Bezerra’s message, who through Chico Xavier’s mediumship, creates a neologism – To Kardecise. (3)
Mr Barros emphasizes that Bezerra did not employ the verbs to educate, to evangelise, to cristianise ou to spiritualize. That is ebcause to kardecise is to make reincarnation explicit, a axiomatic truth, evident by itself.
We are architects of our own destiny – Through it we can understand bio-psycho-socio-spirituals evils. How to explain issues of gender, pigmentation, race, racism; social classes, social inequalities; moral and economic misery; marginality; exceptionality; Affiliate incompatibility; recidivism in evil?

Barros says that reincarnation is the only philosophy that can tackle materialism, causing all present evils; that is exclusively Christian Spiritism and reincarnation with Jesus we find that we are the architects of our own destiny. "I'm the one to blame for the ills that afflict me."
The first question comes. What is God? Read the answer in "The Spirits’ Book". It is up to us to explain God in the light of justice and of his love, allowing the wicked to recover through reincarnation. In the same book, we conclude that the true spiritist bases his life on the morals of Jesus and that outside reincarnation is very difficult to lead God, Supreme Intelligence, to hearts.

Where to find reincarnation; this axiomatic truth; in Jesus?

Go and do not err no more so wore things do not happen to you...

Be as perfect as thy Father..

The Father does not want the wicked to perish but that they be converted and live ...

Love your enemies ...

For the spiritists, Jesus is the model and guide and Kardec highlights the transformation of those who read and studied "The Spirits' Book", even after discarnation.

Transformation is fundamental to a happier here and now, and also for the future in the spiritual realm. After discarnation, the Spirit will update its awareness with facts of the most recent experiences of life in the flesh, in a phase called "education". He will regain new energy and will re-study new procedures.
In neurosis there is state of unbalanced mood - Finally, the stage of "planning" of a new reincarnation will come within the bounds of possibility, of merit and the Laws of probabilities. It can be summarized: "not fatalism, relative determinism." More conscious, one realizes that if truth liberates, it is the pacification that redeems.

After death, when we are reborn to spiritual life, we can have surprises as  Doctor Philippeau had. (4)

Being a materialist, he sought the Faculty of Medical Sciences and not by love but by ambition and in order to feel superior over all.

I will not tell the end of the story, but I can say that the story and the help to the doctor happened at a meeting in which the Spirit educator offered explanations in the stage of "schooling".
At the meeting, Philippeau reveals the unpleasant surprise of seeing his body being buried and the amazement of being outside it and feeling more alive than ever. Nevertheless, no one could hear him, could not see him. He says that much later his eyes reads a brochure by Allan Kardec, which made him to ask himself: "Would I, by chance, be a Spirit"
Is this a neurosis?

In spiritist work, neurosis corresponds to the term "disorder" and applies to the discarnate spirit in unbalanced state. In neurosis there is with state of unbalanced mood, one can not maintain emotional and mental stability. One shifts to sadness,
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pessimism, despondency, aggressiveness. (5)

Poor Philipeau! He would have to go far before reaching the stage of "planning" a new incarnation. This was precious synthesis offered by Spirit-educator. She signed Sainte Victoire (4).

In the Spirituality, the "State of the Spirit" is characterized by consciousness, the moral credit, bonus time and the perispiritual density.
How good mental health is important - A materialized spirit, through the mediumship of Francisco Peixoto Lins (6), in Rio de Janeiro, taught that "the density is being determined now, with thoughts, words, deeds and intentions". It is possible to perceive how good mental health and emotional maturity is important. And that we realize how important good mental health, emotional maturity is.

Mental health or emotional maturity, think a utopian conception. She would settle in an individual who not only lacks neurotic conflicts, but also has the ability to gather in itself the possibility to cope with the adverse situations of life. That if he had the ability to enjoy your work, whatever it was, undertaking it with enthusiasm and constancy, ,also enjoying rest and idleness and having a full sex life. He was  able to express love in all its meanings (fraternal, brotherly ...).
That having "positive existential philosophy", weas able to clearly define their aspirations, chasing them without hurting their fundamental principles. Accepting the realities of everyday life and enjoy the present without compromising the future. And that is still able to draw from the facts and ideas the positive side, it leaves aside the pettiness. This mature person will be able to cultivate hope and not get lost in past mistakes.

Does a person who has suicidal ideas have mental / emotional maturity health?

Let's examine an individual using the technique of hypnosis with memory regression, to reflect on this issue.

The patient had suicidal fantasies and remembered his past life. She was forced to marry man who she detested. She recalled the attempted suicide while pregnant. At birth, over 150 years ago, a major bleeding occurred. What to do? To save the mother or the child?

The husband chose to save his wife. When he left the room, she commanded the physician to be sacrificed, because she hated living. She felt nothing  towards the unborn child. She died cursing the family and life in a terrible physical and mental suffering.

Outside the body, she saw herself floating around, trying to contact people. She turned away in despair. In regression, she reported that she received treatment in the beyond( spirit world) before reincarnating. The anxiety that "to be born was necessary for someone to die" continued in utero. She fought the birth, bleeding and disruptions. She remembered the carnage, so that the doctor could saved the son from her cold open womb.
It is necessary that we correct our "perispiritual density" - In regression, the  a highly cultured patient gave loads of details from the epoch/period as well as of architectural and garments.

He was murdered in other lives. He was also a priest attached to the Templars, with far reaching vision for the times and so he was murdered. Another life: queen of an island in the Aegean Sea invaded by uneducated Greeks, pre-Hellenic civilization, where he prefered to die than to betray his people.
With regressions, he felt intense relief from loneliness, of suspicion of serious illness, of homosexuality and the problem of self-acceptance. The suicidal thoughts were fading. There were regressions with much clarity.

Detail: 2 hours in hypnosis, kept noisy hysterical hyperpnoea which would not be bearable in a "normal" state.

This case of regressive hypnosis and its relationship with Past Life Therapy was presented at the 7th Brazilian Congress of Transactional Analysis, held in São Paulo in May 1984. (7).  Spiritual mentors, through various mediums, warn us that we ought to correct our "perispiritual density". Emmanuel (8) , via Chico Xavier, tells us that in spiritual life we ought to always perform full spiritual inventory of our acquisitions in the world. On similar occasions, we become scandalized in face of of ourselves and pray for the grace of returning to the physical life without terrestrial advantages that served us loss. Therefore, we reborn with natural inhibitions.

A blind man who asked for medication of teh shadow to cure old ravings of vision.

A deaf man who requested the silence in the ears, as a blessing to readjust  the soul itself.

The leper who begged from Heaven to dress wounds as purifier medicine of the erring personality of the true good.

The crippled from birth, who pleaded natural mutilation by valuable self-correction service.
Intuition is a clear perception of things without the intervention of reason - Emmanuel tells us that even diseases and sorrows, troubles and pains are ways that we use to fair reparation for our lives, in us or outside us.

Heed the warning of the Gospel: "Walk while ye have light."

While it gives you happiness in the world to stay in the physical body does not seek scandal away from your individual circle!

We cause scandal to ourselves when our conduct is contrary to the higher principles we embrace

We think as strange our thoughts, our words and our deeds when  they are not tuned with the Master of the Cross, and so tomorrow we will not have to regret biggest faults, achieving victory over ourselves, at peace with our own consciences, in full imperishable Life.

When human being comes to possess high levels in terms of ethical and moral values, intuition provides them the solution of problems, as a reward of their persistent work. (2)

What is intuition? Clear perception of truth without the intervention of reasoning. What is inspiration? Poetic enthusiasm. Divine afflatus.
Professor Newton accompanied the poet Sebastião Lasneau, from Barra do Pirai to Cachoeira Paulista,, where he were to take part in a conference.On commeting about Barra’s fourth marriage, Lasneau improvised:

After countless hours
One reaches the fourth marriage
Going straight to hell
Without going in purgatory.
The Professor says that upon arriving at the destination, a place, a small crowd cheered the poet-speaker. The host Mario then pays a tribute to him. Novilha that had given birth to a calf that morning which would be baptized with the name of POETRY.
Sebastião Lasneau declaimed:

After countless hours,
Nothing I've heard that if accepted
Until finally it dawns
(2) Barros, N.G. Entre Verdades e Sorrisos. Coleção GEFIJ – volume 01 – Estrada de Barra de Guaratiba, 8800. RJ.RJ. 1991.
(7) Pincherle, L.T. Filosofia e Ciência. In: Pincherle, L.T.; Godoy, H.P.; Barsottini, D.; Guimarães, M.T.; Santos, M.E. Mazzonetto, R.; Maluf, M.C.; @ Merluzzi Filho, J.M.; “Terapia de Vidas Passadas.”. Pág. 13-76. São Paulo, Summus, 1990.

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In Paradise.
A deaf man who requested the silence in the ears, as a blessing to readjust  the soul itself.
The crippled from birth, who pleaded natural mutilation by valuable self-correction service.
For we may stand before the truth with a multitude of debts we brought over from our guilty past. But as soon as we surrender to the will of the Lord and sincerely accept the responsibility of our reformation, we then advance spiritually to a different level where every yoke is easy and every burden is light. Reaching this stage, the indebted spirit will not remain in idle adoration, knowing as he does that all suffering in Jesus is an adjustment for our past and the bearing of crosses is eternal illumination.
“And Jesus said unto him, Verily I say unto thee today, thou shalt be with Me in Paradise” [Luke 23:42, 43].