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Título: Why forgiveness
Enviado por: Marccello em 27 de Maio de 2010, 03:25

With the undeniable advances in science, man, in his fits of greatness, spend valuable resources trying to extend its dominance into outer space, without ever having learned to live in the tiny space it occupies in society where he lives with his neighbor.
Each prison built in the world proves this fact, stating the degree of ignorance that is still the man on Earth. Do not speak of cultural ignorance or innocence, but the most serious of all the ignorance that prevails not only among the uneducated, but mostly told in the media understood.
The technology has shortened distances and increased communications, giving the man a few moments become aware of everything that happens in the world. However, with all these features, oddly enough, the vast majority of men still ignorant of his real nature and true purpose of life.

It is this ignorance that contributes to increased crime and steady growth of the prison population in the world. If we analyze the problem of crime so a little deeper, we realize that, indeed, there are criminals, there are two types of victims of this ignorance: a passive victim and the victim is active.

The violent, the dishonest, the corrupt and criminals of all sorts are the victims active, without understanding the true meaning of life, feel the right to take for themselves what they could not win in an appropriate and fair.

Victims of their own ignorance, will be tried in the court of conscience where the guilt is to condemn the harsh penalties that may represent centuries of suffering until, as victims of violence that used today, rescuing his crimes in the future.

Moreover, less painful, brothers who succumbed as passive victims, they are probably criminals once they returned to the physical world to redeem a heavy conscience for the crimes committed in previous incarnations.
As the victims today, returned to the spiritual world in their consciences relieved.
Those who have suffered violence only moral damages, material or physical, of course, have undergone trials which, if understood, will serve as ballast for great achievements in the renewal of their feelings, redeeming the mistakes
committed in the past.
Analyzing the two situations, one realizes that human beings in any circumstance, is always a victim of himself and of his ignorance, moreover, the evil practice that ends up serving the purposes of God in fulfilling their wise laws and fair punish the perpetrators of yesterday, by the criminals of today. All are worthy of our understanding!
Until we can overcome this period of spiritual ignorance that lives in the
Most embodied beings, prisons, hospitals and mental institutions are always
I do not, under this argument, exempt from blame those who chose the paths of the crime, but only to draw attention to a feeling that, stimulated by the media, seem to generalize in most minds unprepared. This is the idea that criminals are being apart of the social and incapable of any recovery.

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Título: Re: Why forgiveness
Enviado por: Marccello em 27 de Maio de 2010, 03:33
We can not generalize and neither forget that less than one hundred and fifty years, human laws allowed many of us, then reincarnated, to the newborn babies of our slaves as food to dogs and pigs and even kill adults in the trunks, you guided under the infamous whip, also allows us to perform unspeakable abuses against women captives.
Nevertheless, we do not become criminals under the laws of Earth, but deeply hurt the natural laws and divine laws.

It is for this reason that we should never judge or condemn anyone. Perhaps the errors that we pointed at our next practice are those most in the past. Today we understand why Jesus challenged the crowd thirsty for condemnation, saying: "Throw the first stone who is without sin."
People accustomed to suffer less forgiving than those who still fail to involve the idea that forgiveness is unqualifiedly waive one's rights supposedly conferred by human laws. Thus, during a creep life dueling mentally or legally in an uphill struggle culminating with only losers before the natural laws of life.
The movements that place for some serious penalties on the unfortunate who opted for the crime almost always born of the feeling of vengeance and hatred of those who had their interests or loved ones injured by violence, which is not cause but an effect generated by a company that helped build.

If, on these facts, we see clearly the importance of forgiveness for even with the criminals of the world, imagine the importance of forgiveness between those connected to us by the ties of kinship by blood or indirect, by subjecting us, under the circumstances the coexistence useful and necessary.

In the course of the events reported here, the reader will discover that in certain moments of our life, we suffer many unnecessary troubles for not having learned to exercise forgiveness.
"The world is small! Even stones are!"
They are popular assertions that point to a great truth.
Sooner or later we all meet again. Do the best for our
neighbor, that we have a good impression, so, at the
reunion, be happy ...

The Way to Happiness!
Nelson Moraes
Guided by the spirit Aulus

Plenty of peace. :)
Título: Re: Why forgiveness
Enviado por: Marcio Almeida em 24 de Agosto de 2011, 20:40
We are in debt from the past, so it is very important, know the importance of forgiveness and of the indulgence for everyone, if nowdays we dont commit some mistakes, do not mean that in the past we did not practice several of those, even today who knows we dont do it because we dont have the opportunities.

"Dear friends, be severe with yourselves, but ever indulgent with the weaknesses of others." The Gospel According to Spiritism, Chapter 10, Indulgence

Título: Re: Why forgiveness
Enviado por: Marccello em 24 de Agosto de 2011, 23:57
Hi Marcio!

Are we accepting people as they are? Are we expecting too much from others? Are we expecting to deal with the angelic beings on a planet of evidence andatonement?

We can say: No acceptance, no forgiveness!

Accepting us and our brothers as they are, our relationships will be better. You know why?

Because there won't be so charged, so many expectations. And when they or we made mistakes, and eventually harm us, we will remember theMaster Jesus, who forgave all, just because he has accepted every one of us just the way we are.

Thanks for the comments.

Plenty of peace. :)
Título: Re: Why forgiveness
Enviado por: Marcio Almeida em 13 de Abril de 2012, 20:44
There are one more reason to forgive the offenses, when we decided to forgive a fault against us, the main beneficiary of this action ourselves. Because with this action we are stopping a cycle of pain and revenge, that in contrary case this situation it should be purged in the future.
Título: Re: Why forgiveness
Enviado por: Marcio Almeida em 14 de Agosto de 2012, 17:24
Each one has own time to decide and to learn the lessons, we should not violate the free will of nobody; not even require from people to act and think like us.

"Love your neighbor as yourself."

Peace to everyone.
Título: Re: Why forgiveness
Enviado por: matty em 19 de Novembro de 2012, 18:17
Because we are imperfect; suffering which others causes to us reaches usually our egotistical needs. So instead being angry on anyone which causes us a trouble, try to thank them in the mind: thank you for showing me, that I'm weak in something. Just say in mind thank you for causing me troubles, for inflicting pain. I know that suffer only from my egoism, and I'm on a way to achieving happiness and freedom. So don't forgive enemy - just thank him. It's a difficult for most of the people, but with a practice and strong will, we will be forgiving for ourselves and thankful for our enemies.