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Título: Who Leads Whom..
Enviado por: Dave em 17 de Janeiro de 2010, 23:12
Many times, us that we studied spiritual themes..
And we try to do something of good with that study in our thoughts, feelings and energies we say..
"We take the spiritual information to other ones."
Actually, it is the spiritual information that leads us, we are just your channels..
(And, tell by the way, imperfect channels) expressing some things in the world..
Expressing something of the spirituality and trying to grow with values that the world at least considers..
(High values and often forgotten by us same when we pinpoint some foolishness, for advanced study topics not mean we're high)
We are led by it to certain moments conscientious interesting and creative..
We take spirituality and we are taken by it, much more than imagined..
When we are led by it, usually come some of those states of consciousness:
The eyes shine a lot.
The Joy comes as state of independent conscience of the factors that occurs in the moment..
Love possesses the thoughts and takes the conscience for high flights through the sky of the heart..
A willingness to grow increases the lust for life..
The very aura expands and touches the auras of others with touches of energy stimulating the progress and the good of all.
Consciousness feels connected to other sound minds, the Earth and other planes of manifestation..
Increases the admiration for all those wonderful men and women that left peace messages and light among the men.
Also growing admiration for all those men and women that live on Earth and try to do something good..
Even carrying defects and facing several difficulties, but making an effort for generating better climates in existence..
The own immortality permeates the conscience and gives strenth to continue walking and appreciating life..
Even under the impact of the loss of loved one.. He knows within himself.
Therefore, doesn't need any spiritual indoctrination to certify of something that always knew in his heart.
Inside or out of body, is impelled to healthy conscience state and are unable to do evil to someone.
It is imperfect, because human being, but doesn't carry cruelty.
While we take the spiritual information, we are also taken by it..
And then, no matter who takes who..
Because the most important in any spiritual study is always to improve lucidity..
To enlarge the love and being constant partner of happiness..
Summarizing: Leading to spirituality or being taken by it, the important is to be happy with what is done.

Wagner Borges
Much light n love
Om Shanti,