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Título: Thought, THE Author of Destiny..
Enviado por: Dave em 07 de Janeiro de 2010, 20:05
(Manners of Thought, According to Spiritual Traditions)
We are what we think.. Much more than imagined..
Much more than suppose.. Even more than we feel..
If we think better, better will be..
That is basic law of thought..
The energy proceeds automatically what we think..
Therefore,  improves the energies who thinks better.. Gets better..
Who thinks in getting better, it gets better alone of thinking..
The thought is the author of destiny..
Each thought is a furrow in the mind, Through where run energies and feelings..
Each choice, manners of thought..
Each action, choice of thought..
Each destiny, choice manners..
Each one is what thinks!
Who thinks, chooses; Who sows, picks..
Who plants cherries, cherries reap..
Who sows wind, will pick storm..
Who sows light, already gets better, only by seed..
Each action is thought externalized.. Each word the sonorousness of thought..
Each gesture is movement of thought.. Each manifested energy, modes of the thought..
We think, soon we existed. Or, better, we existed because we thought..
Or, it would be more accurate to say: We "thought, soon we complicated!"
The thought goes and comes for the furrows..
His nature is the movement.. And that is his torment: the agitation..
The remedy: Meditation.
Wagner Borges
Much light n love!
Om Shanti,