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Título: Life on the Sun [Heinrich Voes and Ramatis]
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Life on the Sun

Translation from Portuguese to British English (UK) by Enya Gémard - Lingua & Co.

Presentation: Mediumistic narratives for meditation of those who enjoy the scientific and philosophic aspects of the Spiritism.

= The Sun =

Content: Mediumistic messages transmitted by spiritual entities monk Voes and Brother Ramatis.

1st part: Presentation in humble and simple language by Monk Heinrich Voes, whose medium is Ms Guilhermina Drischel.

2nd part: Presentation of a scientific nature by brother Ramatis, whose psychographic medium is Hercílio Maes.

Aim of this booklet: to lead human beings to the studies of the sublime works of God and to the meditation of the laws which determine the Universe.

Appendix: What does the Science tell us? *

1st edition: 
5.000 copies

Curitiba – September, 1954


1st Part

= The Sun =

“We cannot stop spreading this transcendental subject, like this one, which is specifically aimed at meditation of those who have a certain penchant for the scientific aspect of Spiritism.

“Mediumistic communication has been received in Ivaí, country of Paraná state, by the medium Ms Guilhermina Drischel, in 1925. The communicating spirit is monk Heinrich Voes, martyred and burnt on the bonfire of the Inquisition Court in Brussels in 1523.

“Let’s look at monk Voes’ message:

“That world - the Sun - wonderfully created, is not an incandescent body nor an igneous sphere as suggest your savants, but an immense light generator with a convenient temperature for the beings created there.
“It is only the appearance of a huge heat towards the space that gives you the impression to have come out directly from the Sun. This heat indeed results from huge quantities of radium within the Sun and its irradiations, from where they fall in space, are seen as heat.
“The surface of the solar body is divided into seven belts or zones. The first one, or equatorial zone, is the big light and magnetism generator. This zone is made of immense mountains up to twenty kilometres high according to your measures. The solid mass of these mountains is made of rocks, crossed by mercury veins. The surrounding rock is composed of iron dust infiltrated in big amounts of water.

“The second of the three lithosphere layers which can be seen is made of salt, earth, phosphorus and most concentrated radioactive elements. The third layer is made of high in iron coal.

“In the heart of the deepest earth are found big caves full of gas trying to get out towards less consistent places on the crust, and when they reach the surface, they escape through the orifices of the mountains’ summits.
“The whole zone is limited by a continuous mountain chain which is mainly made of white talc, siliceous earth and abundant mercury deposit. In these regions, there is no vegetation. The rocks are smooth up to the high mountain summits.

“The second layer, rich in radioactive materials, produces very strong irradiations, which in turn, produce electrical tensions that discharge in the form of sparks, setting on fire the gas that emanates from the mountains, and so appears the inextinguishable and eternal source of light.
“Such gas, looking for their own paths and crossing the softened soil through the sources of the mountains, change, sometimes, their emanation location, causing therefore violent explosions accompanied by enormous electrical discharges and eruptions. As a result, the old places are completely destructed and then take the aspect of stains that are more or less dark (sun stains), as we see through the astronomic telescopes.

“The abundant sources found in this zone gather and form giant fountains of up to a thousand meters high. The waters, when falling, immediately turn into small rains which, carrying talc particles, mercury and phosphor, produce a bright mass of vitreous reflection with an indescribable and almost unbearable luminosity that is increased even more by the intense light of the mountains. The irradiated light of the gas fire is repressed by enormous quantity of nitrogen.

“Another source of solar light is an auto-bright and phosphorescent air layer that might be called photosphere and circles entirely the Sun nucleus. The enormous quantities of molecules of gas and the pressure of the electricity that hits the intern part of this layer produce an extremely luminous shine. The photosphere is composed of hydrogen and other gaseous substances which, penetrated by radium irradiations, become resplendent.

“Your science also knows a chemical substance which shows a similar effect and is called barium platinocyanide. It is natural that this solar layer has an incomparable bigger effect as a light producer and resplendence.
“Now follows the description of the second solar zone, so you can imagine the vegetation and the life of the inhabitants of this zone and the others.

“Each zone is separated from the others by mountain chains. They are, up to the half of their height, composed of the same substances of the hills which limit the first zone.
“We will digress here for a short necessary explanation. It is about the “ramjados” and “mirholim”. They are names given to types of so light and elastic earth that you do not get hurt if you fall.
“Ramjados, mirholim, phosphor and radium form the first terrestrial substances even under two thousand metres high. Even lower, ramjados and mirholim form the first layer of soil where animal beings may already exist.
“Being that atmosphere, especially at the height, quite humid and having the light a crystalline and colourful resplendence, the inferior animals which live there are adapted to the meteorological conditions. Many of them own crystalline thick skin, especially for snail’s species (the majority has a hexagonal pyramid shape), whereas other species own star-shaped think skins. They eat different coloured mosses fed by much humidity.

“Further down, the vegetation is very varied: luxuriant herbs and wonderful plants grow, with shining colours. The further down the landscape is, the more beautiful the vegetable reign is, rich in shady and bushy woodland which releases an aromatic smell and produces delicious fruits.
“This is the motherland of the very famous lily. Yours is a weak representative from what exists on the Sun. It owns there its essential and natural colour, that is, a lightly greenish and fine rosy shine. The trees are softer and more delicate than on the Earth. The foliage on the top of the trees shines in an extremely clear way. However, the more you move away from the top, the less intense the shine is, until it becomes the most pleasurable green to look at.
“The trees can reach 250 metres high. Some of them, exceptionally, can, however, measure up to 500 metres high. The wood is mixed with gold. Some species are full of golden veins.
“Spirits live in the forests and they have a big influence on the paradisiacal state of this wonderful world. The landscape is sometimes full of hills whose inside part covers green marble treasures and golden deposit.

“The souls, there evolving, live in a paradisiacal state of charity and heart goodness. Their body is by nature more fluid, almost diaphanous, as alabaster. They are tall, four and a half to five metres high, of a wonderful beauty. Circunfluid men and women have long blond hair. Their clothes are light red, made according to one only model, in gauze.

“The food consists only in delicious fruits.

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“The propagation of the species does not happen in a carnal manner, like among animals, but in a saint and spiritual way, through a concentration in a pure and immaculate feeling of a man and woman’s hug, for they have a pure heart. This happens in every house, every ten to fifteen years.

“Land limits or proprieties do not exist there, for all are subjects to the eternal spirit of love. There, there is no hate, no envy, no fear, no pain nor afflictions. The occupation of those souls includes first, the divine-spiritual activity aiming at the supreme mutual perfecting and mostly the acquisition of the supreme love of God.

“In the zeal of their aspirations, they build temples, directed by celestial constructors. Those temples are buildings with porticos and arcades wonderfully made of precious gold and very pure crystal.

“Instructed by noble and celestial influences, those souls increasingly strain to cancel their own SELF (although so nobly developed), and after denying their qualities, naturally sublime, they become empty of their entire own being, looking for the supreme spirit progress: celestial peace in the Holly Spirit of the Christ.

“The spiritual evolution on the Sun is, for this reason, more difficult than in your Earth, for on the Earth, men only need to renounce to their own imperfect and sinful self to go and meet the supreme spiritual targets.

“The inhabitants of the Sun organise big meetings which produce rich fruits of spiritual education. Everyone leaves greater as they all live in the humbleness of the heart, treating one another with reverences. They are sons of the Christ, in the Holy Gospel sense. An honour to one another more than to oneself, and everyone lives entirely in the feelings of the next.

“The happiness of others consists in our own soul, and the pleasure of one is also the pleasure of the others, in the spirit of the glorious divine freedom of which no one abuses, but that everyone tries to honour and maintain for the others more than for oneself. Believers, on this principle, make mutual use in pleasure and unanimity.

“Their chef is Job, this biblical patient and fair prince who formerly lived on the Earth.

“The houses of the inhabitants are made of green and golden marble, the roof of pure crystal, all built with care, in an elegant and artistic style. Around the houses, there are pathways covered in aromatic leafage, much like myrtle and other plants.

“The white camel is used as a pack animal. There is also a sheep species aside from other similar animals to your Earth. We can notice the big variety of magnificent fowls, birds and pheasants.

“The clothes of the inhabitants of other zones are distinguishable according to their spiritual progress. The colour is then different, namely: in the 3rd zone, rose-coloured and white; in the 4th zone, pale rose colour; in the 5th zone, green-blue colour; in the 6th zone, green-yellow colour and in the 7th zone, golden colour.

“The ages of the inhabitants reach a thousand years, and when they reach the progress in the 7th zone, they abandon they semi-fluid bodies. This looks like a birth in a supreme feeling of God. The spirit rises higher, while the body faints and falls to the ground in dust.

“Those spirits which have to go once again through life on the Sun, are reincarnated immediately in one of the first zones. Most of the time, by the age of twenty years old, they have already recovered their full prior knowledge tasking themselves for the professorship, preceptors and as a distinguishing feature, they have golden hair.

“But on your Earth, only rarely are Sun spirits reincarnated. Commonly, this happens for special missions that the great love of those souls elects to serve God, by voluntary sacrifices.

“According to the spiritual progress of these zones, the matter appears more fluid.”

“Several questions were asked to the communicating spirit, to which he answered as follows:

“As the gravity force of the Sun is almost thirty times stronger than on the Earth, human beings of your species can exist there. The inhabitants of the Sun get closer and closer to the fluidic nature.

“The protuberances. - these huge flames which can be seen during a total eclipse on the edge of the solar disk, and that rush outside of the disk throwing in every direction and raising sometimes, in all likelihood, to more than fifty thousand kilometres above the surface of the Sun, are not an optical illusion, although your science considers them as a special proof of the fusion state or the gaseous state of the solar matter. This illusion is explained as follows:

“The photosphere, around the Sun, acts like a giant mirror game, increasing extraordinarily the image of real objects that, in this case, are flames of radioactive volcanos. This is why the enormous size and the apparent extremely rapid movement of the flames are nor real, that is they exist in reality, but they are made of endlessly increased reflections.

“To finish, he clarified: In the same way, the Crown (kind of atmosphere around the Sun, little bright and only visible during solar eclipses), is only an optical illusion which also results in volcanic flames. Theses polychromes, likely white-blue, ultra-marine blue and reddish, are their rays. When they go through the transparent mirror of the astronomic telescope, they are selectively refracted and appear colourful in the prolongation of the refracted rays. The optical law expert must very easily understand that.

– Voes

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2nd Part

Mediumistic communication received by Ramatis on "The Sun"

13 of April, 1954

“Peace and Love

“May God enlighten our thoughts to better understand the fundamental orientations of our Happiness.


Question: “Today, we have a mediumistic message entitled “Scientific information on the Sun”, by medium G.D., who has already disembodied and been assigned to the spirit of monk Voes. As the subject seems logical to us, in some points, we would appreciate the brother’s considerations. Should we read them now?

"Ramatis: - We already know the subject. Although it is not of a doctrinaire vital importance, it may be used as a relevant case to better evaluate the multiples processes of the Divine Creation.

Question: - We have extracted several questions of a mediumistic content transmitted by the aforesaid monk Voes, being the first as follows: “Is the Sun a light generator, as the message says, or is it an incandescent body?

"Ramatis: - Your astronomers have calculated that there are a hundred billion bright stars composing the galaxy of which the Earth belongs. Those stars are still far from the similar physical state of your orb. Facing the Unique and Immutable Law which governs all manifestations in the Cosmos, each bright body we have mentioned is a world that integrally obeys to the same evolving path than all the ones before which have turned off. The process “birth, growth and death” within the eternal transformism of the Universe is submitted to the same Law that implacably acts on the micro and the macrocosm.
“If you examine the trilogy “Sun-Earth-Moon”, you will respectively verify three distinct ages, common to every celestial body you can class: childhood, youth and old age! The sun, immense body of uncountable energies, in the astral and exuberant youth, also implacably progresses, conducted by the same Law that acts on the atom, towards the actual state of the Earth and, in the future, towards the condition of the Moon.

“It reproduces, presently, the same phase lived by the Earth and the Moon, knowing that this last is nothing other than a planet weary of its energies. Petrified body, rigid in absolute terms, improper to life, in similar conditions to physical worlds, the Moon
is the sad traveller walking to the sepulchre of the Infinite.

“In a far future, its stiff mass, worn out, will fuse with the All, in an inconceivable temperature caused by the chock of other bodies in identical physical conditions.
While being consumed in the Immeasurable, this tired globe will release all the molecular combinations from its structure and the free atoms will temper again in the Cosmic Energy, to serve other planed orbs in the Holly Mind! This is also the future of the Earth, and therefore, the future of the Sun!

“Since your Earth was an incandescent world, a plethoric sun of astonishing energies, aimed at the non-diverged cooling, fatal to all worlds, it is clear that if it was an igneous body, in combustion, during its planetary childhood, it would be today extinguished, consumed, carbonised! There is still, however, an orb of radiant energies, product of the concentration of the cosmic forces in its intimacy.

“The Sun, aimed elsewhere to reproduce the actual state of the Earth, but also to reproduce in the future the state of the Moon, represents a powerful of cosmic chemical continued transformation. Look at the Moon and you will recognise the future of the Earth and the Sun. Look at the Sun and you will see the past of the Earth and the Moon!
“Your astronomic science ensures that the Sun has already passed the existence of years-Earth. If by chance, it was a substance in ignition burning into flames, it would probably have been extinguished in less than 10.000 terrestrial years!
Question: - Would it be possible for us to have an approximate idea whereby the Sun does not burn into flames?

"Ramatis: - “Extraordinary radiations happen, coming from inconceivable chemical modifications which transmute from one type to another, dividing into two and releasing their own energies. Those substances which get transformed, from an unstable nucleus, release energies in the form of positively charged electrons which will hurt other bodies’ protons and then successively continue, passing by diverse gradual phases rooted in the carbon atom.
“Marvellous energies derive from these uncountable processes occurred in the infinitesimal world of the atmosphere and reach you in the most varied expressions of nutrition on the terrestrial globe. There is no extinction in those reactions, but there is the expansion of the potential radiant which wafts by the fragmentation of the atomic atoms of the substances in uninterrupted mutation.

“The gradual exhaustion of the hydrogen in all transformations and the consequent reduction of the solar sphere, for a more compact volume and a diminution of the temperature, will indisputably lead the Sun towards a total cooling, passing by the phase in which Earth is right now.

“The “dead” stars you see in the sky are, for your human devices, the ones with no more hydrogen. Some still get new and nutritive food when they cross zones with gaseous clouds in the interstellar space. They absorb the radiant hydrogen and accentuate their shine, to the surprise of astronauts who see them appear and disappear with no scientific explanation, naming the stars variable or pulsating.
“Regarding the Cosmic Law in the skies, you also perform the combination of the hydrogen and the helium in your perispirit, providing them with the golden shine in the crust, in tune with the environment and the influences to which you are submitted.
Question: Therefore, does the Earth also perform a certain “suction” in the solar energy?

"Ramatis: - It looks like a giant condenser that attracts and absorbs intensely the
irradiated forces of the solar sphere, whose energy impregnates all the intimacy of your planet and stocks it through the multiple chemical and physical alterations. The light or the flame that shines on your orb, wherever it is, is solar energy archived in the vegetable or mineral environment. The proper blood that circulates in your veins is the product of the vital dynamism facilitated by the solar energy.

“Mineral coal replaces its vegetable congener, because it accumulated the forces coming from the Sun in millenary absorptions. In the combustion, it releases energy which has remained in its environment for millenniums, after having received it by the space in the solar radioactive expansion. In every tradition and activities in your world, in the esoteric and sacred movements, you will confirm that the symbol of “fire” which comes from the Sun is still the testimony of the fact that it nourishes you by accumulation and suction!

Question: - Monk Voes, in his message, talks about the inhabitants on the solar world, and brother S.A, here present, says that the spectral analysis of the sun ensures a temperature on the solar crown of around 6.000 degrees centigrade!?

"Ramatis: - The solar spectre allows to check that the iron vaporised in the solar crown loses from 10 to 13 electrons from its normal complement. This fact can only happen if the temperature approaches 6.000 degrees centigrade. This supposition is based on the exam of the external atmosphere of its solar periphery. But in actual fact, this temperature is reduced as it diminishes in its inside. (See the analogy explained in the APPENDIX on page 14).
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Question: - Brother S.A says that the terrestrial savants state a temperature of 40.000.000 degrees in the inside of the Sun, while brother Ramatis lets us sense less than 6.000 degrees centigrade?!

"Ramatis: - The same law that rules the dispositions of the atoms inside the molecules regulates the solar metabolism or the cosmic balance of the galaxies that wind the celestial web.
As the modest flame of a wax candle is hotter on its edges than in its middle, this immutable principle disciplines the temperature of the Solar crown.

“We know the volume of the Sun, about 1.300.000 times bigger than the volume of the Earth. If you do the decreasing calculations, going from 6.000 degrees of heat in the solar atmospheric periphery, towards it centre, you will get a temperature almost compatible with the terrestrial temperature, even if it is not adapted to your biological type. Furthermore, it is not a globe in ignition, which would be consumed in devouring flames, but a star seeping a potential of energies released by the incessant chemical transmutations, which distort in other forms and equations.

“This energy, launched in a centrifugal expansion, centuplicates its heat by the acquired speed and by the friction, becoming considerably higher far from the generating source. Through the aviation problems of your world, “sounds barriers”, “thermal barriers” and future electromagnetic, fluidic, electrical and pranic barriers, you can obtain conclusions in analogy with the super heater activation of the solar periphery.

“The 6.000 degrees of presupposed heat of the Earth, in the exam of the solar spectra, in calculations of arithmetic decrease, will give you the normal temperature of the solid surface of the Sun. In your own terrestrial world, you have unicellular organisms which can live at a temperature of 80 to 100 degrees centigrade, in the known thermal sources. The beings who live on the Sun are made of other physiological types, carriers of tissues with no analogy of your human specific classification.

“The absurd fact is that you predict life on other planets basing you on your morphological expressions. For us, disembodied spirits, your biological standard of terrestrial expression is still inferior to the marvellous structures of crystalline transparency spheres, where human malleable, flexible and plastic bodies copy the undulations of light flakes which glide in space.
Question: - So there are inhabitants on the Sun, as says monk Voes?

"Ramatis: - There are creatures fitted with a “fluidic body”, almost diaphanous, as the alabaster, tells you the communicating monk. Their very fast vibrations immunize them from the caustic-physical middle, in different vibrating strips. Your receptors of Hertzian waves reveal analogue principles, in the terminology “long, medium and ultra-short waves”, which do not interfere when they beat in the same zones.

“The uncommon materialisations of spirits in these works of “physical effects”, that thick walls cross without meeting vibrating obstacles, give you a light idea of “diaphanous” Solarian inhabitants who do not suffer from the constrictive action of the middle.

Question: - But the monk lets us think that these creatures are made of material body?!

"Ramatis: - You say “material” based on the shape of your world and on the types of your organisms. Your actual body, however, compared to antediluvian species, real petrified rocks with independent movements, would be considered “diaphanous”!

“The spirits who live on the Sun can be considered as carriers of material bodies, but yet they do not have to own identical structures you do. Better still: organisms of rarefied material, quintessence!

“They feel real, alive, dynamic and they are much more vibrating and plastic in their movements than your rough carapaces of flesh and bones. “They do not consider having a “fluid or diaphanous” body, because they do not know, in the state they live, the soil “material bodies” which would allow to make the due oppositions. To them, everything is coherent with the middle in which they live, and not founded on the morphology of the Earth.

“The monk did not pretend to tell you about the “fluidic, diaphanous body”, creating an opposition on the terrestrial material, but he had to use mental recourses of the medium, to give an idea that the inhabitants on the Sun have shapes and limitations which are more or less in analogy with the humans. It is a question of effort of the communicator, in successive mental approximations, so that you can have a compatible idea to your common conventions and terminologies.

“The Solarians dress themselves according to the reaction of the middle, with the elements extracted all around, as you dive rivers dressed in diving suits, or you act in the middle of a fire wearing non-combustible asbestos outfits. What you do accidentally, on several worlds, can be permanently executed by their inhabitants.

Question: - We recognise the difficulty, but we get worried by the description of the terrestrial taste, as trees, hills, fruits feeding, etc...

"Ramatis: - It is obvious that the transmission of “states and shapes” in unknown plans to your sensory captors cannot be clarified in a satisfying way. You will need non common recourses, “sui generis”, for the unusual descriptions which will follow, after your liberation from the terrestrial cocoon.

“We use the specific vocabulary of mediums and we have chosen the images which best meet the ideas in transit. When we see you speak today about “radiophony”, “television”
or “cinematography”, your spirits do not disturb nor reveal difficulties of assimilation. You can imagine however the difficulties and reactions of auditors, if those descriptions had been tempted 2.000 years ago, with the Hebrews, Romans or Greeks?

“When you talk about “skyscrapers” to the savages, they see their straw huts and imagine twenty of them, one on top of the other, forming doubtful skyscrapers. And if they ask you, ingenuously, why the wind does not drop those buildings of piled huts, it is possible that you feel astonished by the question. This is what you do to us: you transform your ideas according to your routine forms and you doubt of the unusual reality.

Question: - We will settle with an approximative description.

"Ramatis: - The communication with monk Voes reflects the terrestrial landscape, due to the vocabulary compared to the Solarian reality. Look around you and you will make everything you examine more transparent, adding brighter and translucent colours to the trees, the hills, the vegetation and the flowers! Dress the beings and the animals with irradiations and colourful scintillations; transform the birds, small and big, into silver light flakes or precious stones shades.

“Imagine that fluidic waves of kindness and jubilation irradiate from the human beings and penetrate you, reawakening inspiration and taste of life! There are melodies in the air, as you would say in the candid poetry! Just as a profound cosmic brotherhood sense! This poetic evocation would be a pale idea of the life on the Sun. We cannot give you a clearer description.

“We believe you would have difficulties to understand the following description: “Monsters with petrified carapaces, fauces full of sharp razors, anchored in alive and hooked roots, with a vitrified and still look, moving heavily in the viscous oxygen environment and leant on their bone queue”. Surprise yourselves with the strange type that you cannot associate in your spirit. It is, however, the well-known crocodile in the liquid environment that we have made by descriptive analogy! The idea of viscous oxygen, instead of the simple quotation of water, confuses even more the conception! Imagine then, the difficulties met by the monk Voes to give you reasonable notions of the Solarian “habitat”.

Question: - The brother could clarify the idea of “belts and zones” on the Sun, according to monk Voes’ report?

"Ramatis: - They are vibrating zones which best correspond to the Solarians’ reactions, fitted with more subtle bodies than yours. As the Sun still does not offer the definitive physical state of your terrestrial world, its atmosphere is less physically defined compared to yours. We cannot define it, in absolute terms, tracing a complete dividing line that marks the surface “soil” and immediately “atmospheric air or immaterial space”!

“The solar crust does not finish, abruptly, changing to an absolute atmospheric zone and which modifies up to the type of locomotion, demanding the aerial system, as you do. The soil on this star does not yet represent the customary solidity than on your earth- surface. It is more rigid and firmer towards the inside of the star, and gets rarer as we go to the periphery, getting confused with vibrations at the exact place where the atmosphere should start.
“The inhabitants of the Sun have conceived a division in zones, of this “material, semi- material and aerial soil” which gets gradually rarer, without the divisional violence of the surface of the terrestrial atmosphere. In order to better understand its terminology, the Solarians name “belts” the points on which we can note stronger differences on the vibrations of this aerial soil.
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“Think about the graduations of colours of the solar spectre you examine there in your world. Consider that at the exact place where a colour finishes and starts the vibration, different from the other, there is a “belt” of Solarians’ conception. Suppose that this belt is the exact and most perceptible shade between the transition, in the spectrum, of the orange to the green colour. The spectrum is divided into seven zones; the belts represent the exact transition from one colour to the other.

"The objective is that the inhabitants of the Sun manage the mental power with more strength than you do on the Earth as they command more subtle and flexible organisms which better answer the mental imperative. They then cross the highest belts and zones or go down the lowest belts or zones. They adapt, structurally, to the vibrations of the environment, as you wear your diving suits and outfits made of non-combustible material, depending on the environment. This is why the monk reminds you: “it is a very light and elastic earth, on which nobody gets hurt when they fall”, trying to give you an idea of the plastic structure of the atmosphere and superior soil.
“It is a more aerial life, in groups who live in corresponding vibrating zones, in a normal balance of their vibrating states. “The descents and ascensions refer to the accidental or temporary movements, in which the Solarians produce magnetic and vibrating modifications they determine, adapting to different “zones” or “belts” in which they live and act.

“Question: - And the elements which form the similar landscape of the Earth?

"Ramatis: - The Solarian communities create, in the surrounding fluid, vegetation, trees, flowers, etc., with vivid and fascinating colours, thanks to the exuberance of the powerful fluid in which they remain and which allow them to act toward the inside of life, let’s say, in another auxiliary dimension.

“Acting in the imponderable cause, they modify and structure for you, on the “outside” effects and shapes, with indescribable and unbearable aspects. Naturally, these creations by processes you ignore, although they are common and logical on the Sun, depend on its beauty, stability and “habitat”, according to the zone in which they have been produced and developed. Thereby, in the higher zones, everything is done in the biggest perfection, facility and certainty and reveals a more poetic side.

“The inferior zones, penetrating more in the solar fluidic soil, only allow life of the hills and on marine reserves, as the monk says.

“Question: - Should we forget the idea of “grains, seedlings and grafts” for the vegetation plan?

"Ramatis: - When we say that God lives on its Work and interpenetrates all the Creation, we announce the scientific Law informing that in the cosmic fluid stands originally the foundation of Life in all its states and demonstrations. In the air you breath, there is the “magnetic-fluidic” content of minerals, vegetables, and everything that could be materialised and vitalised to act on the forms plan. When you get to own the appropriate instrumentation, you will be able to extract from the environment in which you live everything that reincarnates into the physical shape of your world!

“The difficulty is that you try to act with thermal recourses, for the dematerialisations, which you get to reach, in the future, with the final conquest in the “magnetic-electronic” field.

“It is obvious that if you reach 6.000 degrees centigrade of heat, we can vaporise iron. And if you can raise this temperature to 20.000 or 100.000 degrees of heat, we will end up etherising the iron in such way it will disappear in radiations in the imponderable
world, invisible to you. And if by an inverse process, you could reduce this temperature of 100.000 to the exact degree of iron cooling, you will get once again the same substance you had released in Space.

“When your spirits get the evangelic certainty that you can trace the sane and superior objectives, we insure you that you get “little miniature gods”, creating and intervening in the relative environments to your scientific metabolisms.

“Consequently, the grains, seedlings and grafts” you mentioned, beat around the Sun, semi-materialised, being able to develop in the appropriate environment to its fluidic states. This is what happens, thanks to the process of “plantation and culture”, in the vibration field where Solarians act. And when the Sun gets cooler in the figure of your world Earth, those “grains, seedlings and grafts” will also be on the cooling level, materialising in the environment of the earth and will then produce vegetation in the intimacy of the sapping soil.

“And in the cosmic balance, as the Sun loses its hot radioactivity, another Solarian world will come closer to serve it, on the “outside”, for the heat supply that is getting weakened on the “inside”! As the human old age demands the cooperation of the young generations, this same Immutable Law, which acts on all the sectors on the Cosmos, takes care of the ageing stars but must still serve, approaching other young vital worlds.

“The Earth, whose childhood was very similar to the Sun’s, described a more eccentric and more distant traffic; something very lonely in the galaxy of which it is part, taking also care of the convocations of other cooling worlds. Currently, it benefits from the Sun’s help, within the Evangelic Law that the Christ announced in your world. It is the Cosmic Law: “Do to others whatever you would like them to do to you”!

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“Question: - We better understand the question of this landscape as something gaseous or fluidic. We would like to ask your explanation on the mineral part.

"Ramatis: - The mountains that the monk insures rising 20.000 meters or more, of a semi-solid substance, liberating gases as during your winter mornings, are real environmental energy factories for the reincarnated beings on the Sun. Regions of talc, phosphor, mercury, gold, silver or salt must not be a surprise for you as you have them in abundance in your world, carrying however their physical state.

“In actual fact, they exactly correspond to the cooling state of your world, whereas on the Sun, they represent a more gelatinous, unstable aspect, in equivalence with the solar age. The monk confirms you that they are in the semi-material phase of gaseous exudation, “rich in radioactive material, with electrical tensions”, etc., proving that solar bodies are energetic, active and of radioactive expansion, as closer to gaseous states they are. This is a common law in your terrestrial world.

“The thermal loss on the Sun, in the vibrations of the chemical and physical metabolism in terrific mutations, explains you the “solar stains”, action proved in the phenomenon of the electronic field of the Earth. They really represent setbacks and outpours of magnetic energies that flow again and again to the atmosphere of the Sun, far from the unstable crust and above the common life of inhabitants.

“The irradiated heat, restrained by enormous quantities of nitrogen, is barely a pale idea of future nitrogen reserves, for a humanity close to the terrestrial human shape. Everything will be modified and replaced, under the aegis of the Cosmic Law. The inhabitant will adapt to the conformity of the environments’ modifications.
“Question: - Could we have a better idea of their clothes, etc.?

"Ramatis: “The clothes, the food, the ornaments, the poetic sense and the artistic pleasures are analogous to yours, but in rarefied, vibratile and plastic substance which correspond to the powerful dynamism of the Solarians. As a matter of fact, these inhabitants are spirits of the most delicate nature, with a big heart, affective, but at the level of this expression of the Christ: ‘Let the little children come to me’! And in the conformity of the vibrating correspondence in the Cosmos, they live on an orb, also in its childhood phase, as is the Sun.
“Do not pretend to evaluate if they are higher or less superior than you, terrestrials. In their spiritual intimacy, they are far above your actual spiritual categories. They purify, elsewhere, in other worlds and enjoy the right to benefit from the most dynamic and the purest atmosphere in its shape, giving them means to materialise certain dreams and impossible ideas in more solid worlds!
“They live emotions above your common conceptions in the field of poetry, music and painting, in a state of purity and intimacy above pleasures and joys of the Earth. They can enjoy emotional jubilation in one day; emotions that would cost you 10 years of continued participation. It is clear that the more intense and rougher the organic nature of the worlds in which you live is, the more difficult the psychological reception of vibrations reverberated in the intimacy of the soul will be. The light, in its extraordinary speed, carries out a big amazement in the spiritual retina, proving us that the most evaluated expressions are also the most dynamic!

“Do not be surprised that Solarians’ houses are made of green or gold marble, or of pure crystal, surrounded by aromatic plants. In a world where the economy is not limited by the quantity of determined metals, but by the relations created by the gold of the heart, precious minerals or radiant jewellery are not wanted substances.

“If your Earth was made of 3/4 silver, gold and crystal, and a part of fertile, nutritive clay, you would have to kill yourselves for a little bit of clay and you would keep it at home in golden amphora. It is your utilitarian sense which attributes intrinsic values, bigger than those created without intentions hidden by God!
“The chameleons, fowls, pheasants, reproductions which have a more or less terrestrial level, prove what the vast mediumistic bibliography has already told you: the animals also reincarnate into other plans to reach the progress compatible with their vibrating states.
Divine creations, as they also are, animals do not escape from the rule of acquisition of a spiritual conscience, through worlds which are adjustable to their conquests on the mental plan. The outside shapes they wear do not deprive them from the right given by the Father, as you, carriers of a mental consciousness, sometimes still lead actions of animal mistreatment!
“We end here the communication, as it does not fit in a specially indoctrinated subject and escapes from our programs recently traced for the presentations of the Cosmic Law through the gospel of the Christ. In due course, when the work of your time and our responsibility become more accessible, we will give you more complete clarification on the matter.

Peace and love

- Appendix -
After the completion of the two messages, we deemed to add, by way of reminder, the following data given lately by the science. Our planet Earth is involved and
surrounded by different atmospheric layers, overlapped, from the most varied proprieties and effects. Thereby, we have in altitude, from the terrestrial crust, the following layers: Troposphere, Tropopause, Stratosphere, Ionosphere and Exosphere, the furthest.
Between the Ionosphere and the Exosphere, from an altitude of 640 kilometres, there is a layer or atmospheric belt which involves us, as the others, which very few people know. This layer has a strange propriety of remaining in a temperature of approximately
4.000 degrees Fahrenheit, being approximately 2.200 degrees centigrade, something unbelievable if we compare this temperature to the 100 degrees water reaches when boiling. A little meditation about these scientific data will enlighten us on the correlation with the subject “The Sun”.

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Major L.C.W.
Curitiba - State of Paraná

Translation from Portuguese to British English (UK) by Enya Gémard – Lingua & Co.