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He walked as who walks for among the flowers..
And his road was inside of men's heart..
Therefore, He walked carefully..
The Celestial Father had given him a difficult task: To irrigate of light the lotuses of the humanity's heart.
Sometimes, He looked as who saw besides the form.. Yes, He saw the men's essence and of all things..
Therefore His eyes had the shine of the dawn.. And his smile was charming.
Many thinks that He was sad, but that is not true.
Jesus laughed equal child, and He adored to take rain bath.. Yes, He twirled in the wind and road and saw Deva in the middle of the clouds.
Nobody understood the mystery of his glance and, for that, even their disciples lowered the eyes..
They didn't tolerate the celestial depth opening their hearts and playing them the center of the spirit.
Jesus was kind with all, because it would never hover above their comrades..
Sometimes, it seemed that He carried a sun in each hand.
In other moments, it was his face that became pure light!
Through where He proceeded, a light column accompanied him.
Got off the sky on the high of his head, and it arrived straight to his heart.
Then, He flattened the hands to the front and it filled the world of light and cure.
At the same time, in the Invisible, must operated them subtly around him.
And, like this, many men were benefitted, in the Earth and beyond..
Through where He proceeded, luminous portals if they opened and they rescued lost and unhappy spirits for other plans..
He read in the men's heart and he knew about the truth of each one.
But it never condemned anything, because He would be unable to fly above their comrades.
For Him, all were siblings. And each Being, an alive flash of the Celestial Father.
He walked carefully.. And, through where passed, the spiritual lotuses if they opened in the center of the hearts.
And He laughed, it twirled in the wind and it took a shower rain with owe.
And their steps still echo for the hearts..
Blessed the ones that notice Jesus' steps inspiring their days for the world..
Happy they are the ones that see him, not with the eyes of the meat, but with the love of the heart.
Today, more than never, in days of great existential emptiness among the men, to think in Jesus inside of the own heart it is a present light.
And to tread the path, human and spiritual, with Him, he/she doesn't have price.
Oh, happy the ones that know about that!
Received By Wagner Borges

Much light n love