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Título: Illuminating the hearts and the eyes..
Enviado por: Dave em 25 de Fevereiro de 2010, 03:55
..And Lowering the poor Emotions!
Love doesn't hurt anybody! What does badly is the illusory attachment..
Cheer up, my dear! These beautiful eyes cannot dilate, of so much you cry..
They need to shine again, in the good.. Someone brought you here, to read these writings..
Then, take advantage.. Wake up Baby! Enjoy!
Love is not a person; is a state of consciousness..
Exists by itself and it is in your heart..
In fact, it already existed before you even, or of any being..
And it cannot be bought or manipulated..
If there is Price to pay, is not love, it is emotional bargaining..
And if it hurts or emotional blackmail, is anything, but love..
Take out the throw? Pondered well, girl?
When the Dad of the Sky made you, was not to see you sad..
Even more with a glance of those, too beautiful..
All that's missing in it that glitter of Joy, which reveals life..
No, be not embarrassed.. Just recover the radiance.. Love didn't leave..
It was just someone who broke (and it broke your heart).
But love doesn't break; the one that breaks is the illusion, and deceives the heart..
Therefore, you don't need to join anything.. There are no broken, only deception..
Love is there, in yourself.. Get happy with that.. Ball forward..
And thank your spiritual guide, that brought you here, to wake you up..
And to the Dad of the Sky, that doesn't like sad eyes and ordered us to come here..
Now, go back to the body, girl.. See if you dreams little about LIGHT.
And in the morning, when you wakes up, that that glance is too beautiful..
Received spiritually By Wagner Borges.

Note By Wagner Borges:
I have no idea who is the girl who was brought to my apartment..
Just know that she lives here in the city of Sao Paulo and was designed out of your physical body.. During sleep.
In the middle of the night, by the action of your spiritual Guide..
It seems that he brought up here to receive, through writings, that playful energy of the friends of Company of Love..
Always full of lust for life.
Much light n love
Om Shanti,