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 1. Atman is self-luminous, because doesn't need sun and nor of light none..
 Its brightness is knowledge and shows equally through all the objects..
 Its light is not the opposite of darkness..
 However, even the sun, as all incandescent bodies, depends on certain combinations to light up..
 And, even though combats the darkness, never gets to eliminate it entirely.
 2. It is strange that an individual, knowing a lot albeit your body belongs him as any piece of furniture..
 Proceed conditioned with the idea that is the body..
 3. I am, truly, Brahman, being fair and imperturbable..
 My nature is existence, knowledge and blessedness Sat-Chit-Ananda.
 I am not the body, in any form, be dense, subtle or causal.. To that the wise call the true knowledge..
 4. The fire of the knowledge, that was lit by insight, burns, until the root, the avidya effects.
 5. For one who was bitten by the serpent of ignorance, the only medicine is the knowledge of Brahman..
 What can you serve the Vedas, mantras, scriptures or other remedies?
 6. An actor can dress up especially for the representation, but he is always the same person underneath the clothes..
 Likewise, the perfect expert of Brahman is always Brahman, and nothing else.
 7. The renouncement does not have much external effectiveness..
 To abdicate of the body or the stick and of the pot of water, that are the emblems of a monk, doesn't mean liberation (moksha).
 This consists of the dissolution of the knot of heart, the primary ignorance.
 8. If a leaf falls in a river or in a crossroads..  Or even in a place sanctified by Shiva..
 For well or badly can cause to the tree?
 The destruction of the body is as the fall of the leaf, flower or fruit..
 Doesn't affect in anything the atman, that is our true nature.. This survives, as the tree.
 Much light n love