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Título: Defend Yourself
Enviado por: Jay em 07 de Março de 2011, 20:53
Do not turn your ears into a storehouse of rumors. Intrigue is a viper that will lodge in your soul.
Do not transform your eyes into lenses of vilification. The images that you corrupt will remain corrupted on the screen of your mind.
Do not turn your hands into spears in order to fight without profit. Use them in the field of goodness.
Do not underrate your creative faculties by focusing them on easy pleasures. You will answer for what you did with them.
Do not condemn your imagination to permanent excitation. Your inferior creations will torment your inner world.
Do not lead your feelings towards a lust for suffering. Teach them to delight in the enjoyment of service to mankind.
Do not search for the pathway to paradise, while directing others towards the road to hell. The way to heaven will be built inside yourself.

By the spirit Andre Luiz through Chico Xavier.
Título: Re: Defend Yourself
Enviado por: Marccello em 08 de Março de 2011, 15:47
Hi Jay!

The big lesson for us is knowing that what we get today is a natural process of irradiating a silent prayer for our actions.

Big hug! ;)

Plenty of peace. :)