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Título: Around the Sex
Enviado por: Marccello em 29 de Maio de 2010, 01:45

Question - The spirit that animated the body of a man can liven up a woman, a new existence, and vice versa?
Answer - Yes, because they are the spirits that animate the men and women. Item No. 201, "The book of spirits." Faced with the problems of sex, it must be remembered that every creature brings their particular topics, with reference to the subject.
Given the sum of the qualities acquired in the spinneret of his reincarnations, the Spirit is revealed in the Physical Plane, for trends that registers in the recesses of the being, typifying on the condition of man or woman, as the tasks that it can accomplish. In addition to individual, often regardless of morphological signs, contains some extensive problem in the case of ties and inclinations of multiple character. Each person is distinguished by certain peculiarities in the emotional world. Sex is defined thus by attribute not only respectable but deeply holy nature, requiring education and control.
Emanate through his creative forces, to which we, on Earth, Institute of reincarnation, the temple of the home, the blessings of family, renewing the joys of affection and the priceless treasure of spiritual stimuli. Subtract it unreasonable demonstrations to humans, under the pretext of raising compulsory, since it hints of erotic penetrates the structure of the soul, while it would be absurd to move it from its venerable position in order to throw him the field of adventure less worthy, with the excuse that you secure the release. Sex is spirit and life in the service of happiness and harmony of the universe. Accordingly, I claim responsibility and discernment, where and when to express itself. Therefore, our brothers and sisters need and should know what to do with the reproductive energy, noting how, with whom and for which use similar resources, understanding that all appointments in the sexual life are also subject to the Law Cause and Effect, and second this very principle of what we give to others, the affective world, others will also give us.

Dictated by the spirit EMMANUEL

plenty of peace. :)