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(More Love and Songs)
Ah, is necessary to end with the pain..
That comes from the heart. And it hurts a lot.
That pain of lack of love..
The light absence in the glance..
Living only for living..
Eating, drinking and sleeping.. Without thinking.

Ah, is necessary to end with the sadness..
That presses the chest and the lungs.
That makes to breathe only to live..
Without loving and without feeling.
The lack of conscience in the actions.
Lying down without resting in yourself.
The sexual action only for doing.. Without soul.

Ah, is necessary to sing the love..
To cure that pain. With the light in the face, AND the courage of being happy.
The clarity lack in the thoughts.
The mind cooling the faith in the chest.
The action of praying only for conditioning.. Without truth.

Ah, is necessary to tune in with the Light..
Well inside of heart.
To notice that it is not only to have,
But, to BE!
Ah, My Father Let's hope!
Illuminate our journey.
For us to frighten the pain.
And to sing the Love.

Note: The life passes.. And time shows everything.
The lessons and songs. Who is who.. In Earth and beyond..
Who has courage of being happy.. And who only lives for living..
Ah, the time passes.. And life sings everything..
But only the heart listens, and says:
Ah, is more necessary Love, to end with the pain! For, simply, BEING..
(Dedicated to Tom Jobim and Vinícius De Moraes.)
Wagner Borges
Much light n love.